AGA-CU Copper in spray



AGA-CU Copper in spray

Product for use on surfaces exposed to severe weather, corrosion and high temperatures. Can be used as a decorative agent on wooden, metal or plastic elements. Adheres securely and quickly to all materials. The aerosol is made of copper powder.

– improves aesthetic values
– protects against corrosion and abrasion of moving parts
– protects threaded connections exposed to frost and sun
– suitable for places exposed to moisture, water, mechanical loads, temperature fluctuations
– ecologically safe (does not contain fluorine-chloro-hydrocarbon compounds).

– heating technique (solder connections, screws fixing gas and oil burners)
– tool technique (bolts and nuts, sliding surfaces)
– hydraulics (fixing of flanges and fittings in steam installations, pipe fittings)
– motorization (battery clamps, exhaust connections, brake element mount, spark plugs, bearings)
– sheet sills and gutters (for renovation and restoration of defects in elements made of copper).

Note: The product is not intended for brakes with ABS systems.

1. Ensure adequate ventilation at the workplace.
2. Clean the surfaces.
3. Protect adjacent surfaces against dirt.
4. Shake the can vigorously and vigorously for about two minutes. For best results, the container should be used at around 18°C.
5. Spread the uniform stream by holding the container 25 to 30 cm from the surface.

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Product Index EAN Code Weight (kg) Packaging
AGA-CU Copper in spray 400ml 1050004 5907813557460 0,37 12