Montage foam AGAM is a one-component, selfexpanding, ready to use polyurethane foam, which contains HCFC- and CFC-free propellants who are not harmful for the ozon layer and where the canister is provided with a thread so it can be used on a gun.


Excellent stability (no shrinkage or postexpansion)
High filling capacity
Good adhesion on all surfaces (except PE, PP and PTFE)
High insulation value, thermal and acoustic
Very good bonding properties
Not UV-resistant
Freon free (not harmless to ozone layer and greenhouse effect)


Installing of window and door frames.
Filling of cavities.
Sealing of all openings in roof constructions.
Apply of an acoustic baffle. Improving thermal isolation in cooling systems.

Application method:

Shake the aerosol can for at least 20 seconds. Fit the gun on the adapter. Surface should be free from grease and dust. Moisten surfaces with a water sprayer prior to application. For non-conventional substrates a preliminary adhesion test is recommended. Fill holes and cavities for 65%, as the foam will expand. Repeat shaking regularly during application. If you have to work in layers repeat moistening after each layer. Fresh foam can be removed using special cleaner or acetone. Cured foam can only be removed mechanically or with PU remover.

Product Index EAN Code Weight (kg) Packaging
MOUNTING FOAM AGAM 700ML 1050031 5907813557538 0,84 12
MOUNTING FOAM GUN AGAM 750ML 1050030 5907813557514 0,86 12