AGATESTER Leak detector 300ml



Specially formulated gas leak detector spray for the fast, comfortable, and reliable location of leaks in pressurized pipes, hoses, fittings, valves, brazed, screwed or welded joints, pressure containers, compressors, etc. The plastic tube attached, allows you to locate leaks in the installation even in the most inaccessible places. The product does not form hazardous compounds with propane, butane, acetylene, oxygen, natural and town gas, CO2, N2O, nitrogen and hydrogen fluoride. This gas leak detection agent is non-flammable and anti-corrosive. Any leakage will cause a gas bubbles.


– Polish Oil and Gas Institute National Research Institute from Crakow INiG – decision Nr 4/GP-1/2007

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AGATESTER Leak detector 300ml 1050001 5907813557064 0,38 12