For all industrial applications. Made from 100% virgin PTFE. No pigments, no additives. May be used on all applications including water, oil, chemical, medical, and food processing where non-contamination standards are high.

Technical information:
-min. temp. -200oC to +260oC

– Drinking water approval from Polish National Institute of Public Health from Warsaw HK/W/1149/01/2016
– Gas approval from Polish Oil and Gas Institute National Research Institute from Crakow – decision nr 33/W/GP-1/12

Product Index EAN Code Packing
AGAM Tape2 12m x 12mm x 0,075mm 1020001 5907813557002 10/250
MAX AGAM Tape2 12m x 12mm x 0,1mm 1020002 5907813557033 10/250
MIDI AGAM Tape2 12m x 12mm x 0,1mm 1020003 5907813557026 10/250
PROFESSIONAL2 10m x 19mm x 0,2mm 1020004 5907813557040 10/250
PROFESSIONAL2 15m x 19mm x 0,2mm 1020005 5907813557057 10/250