AGAM PRO Jointing compound



Jointing compound to seal threaded joints

Use in conjunction with plumbers flax/hemp to seal threaded joints in water, gas, heating, compressed air systems. Protects thread against corrosion. Does not dry up or stiffen to facilitate subsequent dismantling. Non allergic.

Max. pressure: 16 bar. Max. temperature 130°C.


1. Degrease and clean thread.
2. Apply the paste on the thread.
3. Wind the plumbing flax on a greased thread.
4. Re-apply the paste on the entire length of the flax on the thread.
5. Carefully recap the joint.


– Drinking water approval from Polish National Institute of Public Health from Warsaw BK/W/0024/01/2019
– Compliance with the norm PN-EN 751-2 (product tested with positive result by National Research Institute of Oil and Gas – Report nr 3152 A1 20)

Storage conditions:

Store in properly sealed packaging in a dry place at between +5°C and +25°C.

Product Index EAN Code Weight (kg) Packaging
Jointing compound AGAM PRO 250g TUBE 1010011 5906395907755 0,26 24
Jointing compound AGAM PRO 300g 1010010 5906395907281 0,32 24