AGAM PRO Jointing compound



Jointing compound to seal threaded joints

Use in conjunction with plumbers flax/hemp to seal threaded joints in water, gas, central heating, compressed air systems. Protects thread against corrosion process. Does not dry up or stiffen to facilitate subsequent dismantling. Non allergic.

Maximum pressure: 16 bar.
Maximum temperature: 130°C.


1. Degrease and clean thread.
2. Apply the paste on the thread.
3. Wind the plumbing flax on a greased thread.
4. Re-apply the paste on the entire length of the flax on the thread.
5. Carefully recap the joint.


– Drinking water approval from Polish National Institute of Public Health from Warsaw BK/W/0024/01/2019
– Compliance with the norm PN-EN 751-2 (product tested with positive result by National Research Institute of Oil and Gas – Report nr 3152 A1 20)

Storage conditions:

Store in properly sealed packaging in a dry place at between +5°C and +25°C.

Product Index EAN Code Weight (kg) Packaging
Jointing compound AGAM PRO 250g TUBE 1010011 5906395907755 0,26 24
Jointing compound AGAM PRO 300g 1010010 5906395907281 0,32 24