AGA-SIL Silicone spray


The lubricant agent preserves metal, rubber, plastic and wooden elements. Technical properties: the spray is extremely suitable as a lubrication and friction agent, resistant to temperatures from -40°C to 250°C and preserves the sprayed surfaces. The spray protects the parts against corrosion, deposition of dirt, drying, freezing and clumping. Also, it supremely displaces the water. Application: the spray facilitates assembling …

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Sliding lubricant AGASLIDE


The sliding lubricant to facilitate jointing and dismantling of plastic pipes and couplers. This lubricant protects rubber rings from drying out to allow disassembly of the joints after a long period of time. The lubricant is resistant to low temperatures to suit assembly of outdoor systems. Product Index EAN Code Packing AGASLIDE 150ml 1050014 5907813557446 24 AGASLIDE 250ml 1050002 5907813557330 …