AGASLIDE Sliding lubricant



The sliding lubricant to facilitate jointing and dismantling of plastic pipes and couplers. This lubricant protects rubber rings from drying out to allow disassembly of the joints after a long period of time. The agent extends the service life span of the lubricated gasket. The main ingredient of the product is SILICONE OIL. The product has obtained the hygienic certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw and can be used in water supply systems. The lubricant is resistant to low temperatures to suit assembly of outdoor systems.


– not allergic
– frozen proof
– allow to dismantling connection after long period of time
– impregnate rubber gaskets

Certificated by PZH (National Instytute of Public Health from Warsaw)

Product Index EAN Code Weight (kg) Packing
AGASLIDE 150ml 1050014 5907813557446 0,16 24
AGASLIDE 250ml 1050002 5907813557330 0,26 12
AGASLIDE 500ml 1050003 5907813557347 0,52 12
AGASLIDE 1l 1050011 5907813557828 1,04 6
AGASLIDE 3l 1050012 5906395907083 3,03 1
AGASLIDE 5l 1050013 5906395907076 5,30 1