Aluminum tape is used to seal and connect elements in ventilation systems, heating, refrigeration, automotive and electronics industries. The product is made of thin aluminum foil covered on one side with a layer of acrylic adhesive, which secures excellent adhesion and permanent bonding. The reinforcement in the form of glass fiber mesh improves the product’s properties in places particularly exposed to low and high temperatures. Additional security is provided by protective silicone paper, which allows easy and quick application of the tape. The low water vapor permeability makes the tape an excellent vapor barrier. The product has good resistance to abrasion and aging.

– water resistance
– resistance to UV rays
– high-quality acrylic glue
– high mechanical resistance
– can be used on curved and uneven surfaces
– tear resistance
– aging resistance

Store in a dry and dust free room, with no sunlight and other heat sources, temperature around 21°C, air humidity should not exceed 50%.
The surface on which the tape is to be used should be: clean, dry, and grease, oil, detergents and other contaminants free.

EAN Code Weight (kg) Packing
Aluminum tape ALU+ harden 45m x 48mm 1011007 5906395907151 0,45 24 pcs.
Aluminum tape ALU+ harden 45m x 72mm 1011008 5906395907168 0,66 16 pcs.
Aluminum tape ALU+ harden 45m x 96mm 1011009 5906395907175 0,87 12 pcs.
Aluminum tape ALU smooth 45m x 48mm 1011015 5906395907328 0,34 24 pcs.