PVC Tape


PVC Tape The tape used to connect the lagging with thermal insulation of mineral wool and PU with a PVC jacket while maintaining an aesthetic visual effect. It is made of soft PVC (polyvinyl chloride) with a strong adhesive coating based on rubber glue. NOTE: The tape should be applied on a clean and dry surface. Product Index EAN Code …



The aluminum tape is used for gluing elements in ventilation, heating, refrigeration, automotive and electronic industry. Strengthening with fiberglass improves resistance, especially in places exposed to e.g. low temperature, humidity. Acrylic adhesive is protected with an easy to open silicone paper. It has good abrasion and aging resistance.


EAN Code
Aluminum tape ALU+ harden 45m x 48mm 1011007 5906395907151 24 pcs.
Aluminum tape ALU+ harden 45m x 72mm 1011008 5906395907168 16 pcs.
Aluminum tape ALU+ harden 45m x 96mm 1011009 5906395907175 12 pcs.
Aluminum tape ALU smooth 45m x 48mm 1011015 5906395907328 24 pcs.


Duct Tape Pro AGAM


Duct Tape Pro AGAM Universal duct tape from LDPE film and polyester fabric. Excellent (initial) adhesion on to smooth or rough substrates. Temperature resistance -10°C do + 75°C. Application: – jointing thermal insulation – jointing air-condition instalation and ventilation systems Product Index EAN Code Weight (kg) Packaking Duct Tape Pro GREY 48mm x 10yd 1011004 5907813557941 0,09 36 szt. Duct …