Sanitary silicone AGASANIT


Silicone sealing mass, resistant to long term water wear, UV rays, low and high temperatures, chemicals, cleaning detergents and greases. Protected against mould and mildew growing. It has excellent adhesion to metal, glass, ceramics, wall and floor tiles, most plastics. Application: sealing ages of bathtubs, washbasins, showers, pools, kitchen and laboratory worktops, water supply and sewerage systems, pipe joints Instructions …



Special solvent cement for joining rigid PVC pipes and accessories of pressure systems. Specifically indicated to bond thermoplastic piping systems.

Pasta do pakuł



Jointing compound to seal threaded joints Use in conjunction with plumbers flax/hemp to seal threaded joints in water, gas, steam, heating, compressed air systems. Protects thread against corrosion. Does not dry up or stiffen to facilitate subsequent dismantling. Non allergic. Max. pressure: 20 bar. Max. temp. 130°C. Instruction: 1. Degrease and clean thread. 2. Apply the paste on the thread. …



Pipe thread sealant made of 100% polytetrafluoroethelyne (PTFE) for sealing metal & plastic threaded pipe joints. Twineflon replaces all grades of PTFE sealing tapes, and lesser sealants, in all applications. It is tested and certified to many international standards. Product comes in an easy-to-use protective dispenser in length of 175 meters. Approved to all the latest regulations for thread sealing materials including use on potable water, natural gas and LPG systems.

Nić Loctite

Sealing cord LOCTITE 55


LOCTITE®55™ is a general purpose, threaded pipe and fitting sealant which is wound from the dispensing package on to the threads of the pipe. It is supplied in containers, which serve for both storage and dispensing purposes. Recommended for sealing metal and plastic tapered pipe threads and fittings up to 4″ NPT (National Pipe Thread) for use in industrial applications in aqueous and non-aqueous fluids. Particularly suitable in threaded assembly applications that require immediate use and may undergo small readjustments before use.

Pakuły AGAM

Hemp Flax AGAM


First class quality flax from hemp – long fibre obtained from the flax straw after the scutching process used to seal threads. Use with AGAM JOINTING COMPOUND. Product Index EAN Code Packing Flax 50g 1009001 5906395907205 12,5kg / 50kg / 500kg Flax 100g 1009002 5906395907212 12,5kg / 50kg / 500kg Flax 200g 1009003 5906395907229 12,5kg / 50kg / 500kg Flax …